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G-Block magwell adapter kit

Price: $74.95
Item Number: TM9AR
Manufacturer: TorkMag Inc.

This is a conversion kit to adapt milspec AR15 lowers to accept Glock magazines in 9mm and .40S&W. Includes front and rear spacer blocks, cutting guide for modifying factory Glock 17/19/22/23 magazines to work with milspec AR mag catches, instruction manual, and a hex key to tighten the set screws that keep the blocks secured in the magwell by pressure. Easy to uninstall if you wish to use rifle calibers again.

Factory Glock magazines can have their polymer sheath easily scored and peeled off to make a mag catch slot that will work with the AR15. Use an EXACTO blade or pocketknife in conjunction with the included cutting guide. Avoid third-party polymer overmold/steel liner magazines such as the KCI or SGM brands: their polymer sheath is too thin to reliably lock into the mag catch and the magazine can fall out or be pulled out. We strongly advise that you use factory Glock or TorkMag G17 mags with your conversion.

Note: although Glock 26/27 magazines are in the correct calibers, they are too short to work. Their baseplate will bump into the bottom of the AR's magwell when you try to insert them before they can lock into the mag catch. Stick to Glock 19-sized and larger mags.